Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the makeover

I am just beginning to realize how important quality pictures and descriptions are when selling items on-line. My wonderful roommate (and etsy buyer) has graciously let me borrow her camera, taught me a little about lighting and photography, and explained to me why she wouldn't even look twice at a product if the picture was of bad quality.

Taking pictures of my older items, I now see how big that difference is. Although I have quite an adventure still ahead of me, I'm excited. The depths of my closets (yes, that word is plural) is infinite, I hopefully will have this task done by the end of the week. For every two older items I photograph, I am allowing myself to photograph one new item.

All of this was inspired by my new mannequin, Petunia. I think she is what is helping my shop out now, she's already sold an item this morning! However, yesterday during the photoshoot, she lost her balance, and suffered a nasty fall onto the concrete floor. I will be operating on her after my classes today! (Speaking of classes, I really need to finish my homework.)

check out the makeover-in-progress: www.mysecretcloset.etsy.com